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Collectible Coins

Collectible Coins Mark Historic Moments: Exclusive Presentations

Coinage has always mattered more than the currency alone. Since the origins of money, coins and bills from Canada, the United States and countries around the world, have been a serious curiosity for millions, including collectors, history buffs and political enthusiasts. The Bradford Exchange has long had a significant reputation in the world of collectibles, so it should come as no surprise that we offer a wide, and fascinating, selection of collectible coins in exclusive presentations not available elsewhere.

What Kinds of Collectible Coins Do You Offer?

We offer a wide selection of unique and rare coins for collectors, including gold coins and commemorative medallions marking pivotal moments in history, and silver coins, including Brilliant Circulated and uncirculated coinage from U.S. Mints and currency from around the world. Also available are distinctive proof sets, mint collections and fine jewellery crafted from genuine rare coins and precious metals - these are just a few of the unique collectibles you can shop here. Plus, many of our collectible coins and coin sets arrive sealed in tamper-proof holders, for optimal viewing and protection, and handsome deluxe display boxes for superior display.

Coin Collecting Starts with History

Our collectible coins celebrate the historical accomplishments and significant moments of countries around the world. We know that people are passionate about history and that's why we offer distinctive coinage honouring a wealth of historical interests. From anniversary coins marking landmark times in England's monarchy and Lest We Forget coins created in homage to our fallen heroes, to hard-to-find old coins birthed in now-shuttered U.S. mints, these are significant coin tributes that are sure to spark the imagination of both seasoned collectors and those just getting started. Let us help you navigate the collectible currency landscape. Shop Now!